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Data Analytics

Real-time insights.

Does your team keep going over budget? Staff utilization not being properly managed? 

Most CPA firms discover these problems when it is too late – either at month-end billing or when someone has sufficient time to pull and review a report. Managing projects and people after-the-fact does nothing but create frustration for both staff and management. 
Our Data Analytics service solves these issues and more. Managing projects and people can be done in near real-time by utilizing our Data Analytics service.  

We utilize Microsoft's Power BI as our tool for two main reasons: #1 - Power BI can connect to almost any data source, such as Wolters Kluwer CCH ProSystems fx Practice Management or Thomson Reuters Practice CS.  #2 - Power BI comes with Office 365 that most firms are paying for already.

Our Data Analytics service can also be a value-add service to your clients once your firm learns how to utilize Power BI internally.  

Book a 15-minute complimentary call today by clicking the "Get in Touch" button below to see if your firm would be a fit for our Data Analytics service.

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